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Online catalogue (IPAC) help.

Simple search allows to enter terms for searching into the search box and to search the records that contain the entered terms (in all the fields, titles, authors, keywords etc.).

What can you write into the term box?

  • more words that will be in the index together regardless of the order technologies information
  • more words and from which some of them can be found in the index technologies or information
  • one word technologies
  • a part of the word – you replace the truncation with an asterisk technolog*
  • a phrase in quotation marks – a part of the text „class for the qualified “
  • a term starts with a caret ^school – terms will be on the first position in the index

It is not necessary to make a difference between upper and lower case in the term entered because ASCII searching is used as default – it means searching regardless upper/lower case and diacritics.

Special (non-alphanumerical) characters are ignored in the search term. If you use some special character in search term, it will be replaced by space, because the terms are prepared in that way in the index.
Thus e.g. the document title 2 a 1/2 will be added to the index as 2 a 1 2.
If you use special characters in search term, the search could give an error in same case. We recommend to exclude these characters.
The list of special (non-alphanumerical) characters that are ignored in the search terms are as follows:
! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - + = [ ] { } \ , . / < > ? ; ' : " |

Form - Simple search

When and how to use search operators?

It is possible to add more search boxes and to combine queries with operators.
Search operators allow to specify the query.
JavaScript is required for search operators using.

Narrowing the search - operator: and

Can be used for searching records that contain both of the entered terms, A and B.

Operator: and

Widening the search - operator: or

Can be used for searching records that contain at least one of terms, A or B.

Operator: or

Term you want to exclude from the search - operator: not

Can be used for searching records that contain the term A, but don't contain the term B.

Operátor: není


As you type into the search box “Suggest” it will guess what you are typing and offer suggestions in the real time. It will help you to search for longer words without typing them whole.


Advanced search

If you need to specify the query or sort the resutls, use our Advanced search.

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